Tips on Using Europeon-Style Charm Beads Jewelry

EUROPEAN-STYLE 101:  Create fabulous bracelets, necklace & earrings!
Europeon-style supplies for Charm Beads & Bracelet Jewelry

All of these large hole, silver core, beads can be used on most European-style bracelet or necklace chains.  This jewelry is a modern version of the charm bracelet but instead of hanging charms off of a bracelet you slide beads onto a chain - a beautiful look.  Because you slide your beads on they come off very easily for those that want to change the design of their jewelry.  

European-style bracelets are normally 3.5-4mm sterling silver or 14k gold snake chains and are costly and then you need to purchase the charm beads!  With these Europeon-style beads, and our European-style bracelets, you can get the same look and at a fraction of the cost. This jewelry is great for creating wonderful designs that can be sold or made into gifts.  Bracelets are divided into three sections separated by two thicker threads and the bracelet locks easily together via a lobster clasp or the European-style stamped, or unstamped, bead clasp.


faceted crystal pandora silver core beads
There is a huge variety of European charms on the market produced by main charm bracelet designers' at a much higher cost than that of generic Asian European-style charm bead ranges.  

Most charm and/or bead brands are interchangeble, however, be aware that the hole size will vary on type of European-style chains and/or charms beads.  Make sure to hold your chain
fairly still when placing your charms and/or beads on - try not to twist the chain thus reducing undo stress to the chain.  

Consider adding a safety chain or bead stoppers to prevent the charms and/or beads from accidentially sliding off or just to help the beads stay in your desired position on the chain.
pandora safety clasp pandora style bracelet bead stopper Pandora bead stopper
Once you decide on your design you need to know what size chain to purchase - keeping in mind that you may start with a lot of charms and/or beads but eventually take those off and only have few beads.  The charms and/or beads take up chain space so buying an 7" chain will not have wrist space of 7" once charms and/or beads are put on.  If you are not sure what size your wrist is just use a tape measure, piece of ribbon or string, place around your wrist in a manner that you like to wear your bracelet.  Then you can just measure that length with a ruler.  Once you have this measurement you will need to add another 1" to 1-1/2" to that measurement to come up with the size bracelet chain you will probably need (1 inch = 2.54cm or 1cm = 0.393 inch).  These bracelets are usually purchased in "cm" length so you would need to add length to your original wrist measurement in order to accommodate the charms and/or beads you will be using.  If your wrist is:
5.50"  ...  17cm = 6.7" 6.00"  ...  19cm = 7.5" 6.50"  ...  21cm = 8.3" 7.00"  ...  23cm = 9.1"
5.75"  ...  18cm = 7.1" 6.25"  ...  20cm = 7.9" 6.75"  ...  22cm = 8.7" 7.25''  ...  24cm = 9.4"
pandora style bracelet pandora style lobster bracelet
Sample pandora style finished bracelet sample pandora style bracelet
Sample bracelet Ideas using Europeon-style silver core & sterling silver charms and beads on sterling silver  European-style snake bracelet chain
sample European style beads or Pandora jewelry
Sample pandora style finished bracelet