Silver U PICK Pearl Bead Cage animal flamingo monkey ape gorilla tiger tree bear horse frog paw pendant - Chart #3 - SHIPs from USA

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U PICK antique silver-plated CAGE design from pull down menu
Chart #3

BEAR1 5-6mm pearl/bead 19x10mm
FROG 5-6mm pearl/bead 19x17mm
FLAMINGO crane ostrich 5-6mm pearl/bead 27x14mm
PAW claw 5-6mm pearl/bead 20x19mm
PELICAN sea bird 5-6mm pearl/bead
ELEPHANT 11-12mm pearl/bead 23x12mm
GORILLA monkey ape jungle 5-7mm pearl/bead 25x23mm
HORSE running 5-6mm pearl/cage 33x25mm
TIGER cat 6-7mm pearl/bead 23x21mm 

Pearl or bead cages are just the coolest way to make really nice looking jewelry almost instantly. You can use whatever size or shape of pearls, gems &/or beads you have available as long as it fits inside your cage allowing you to close it.  Each purchase is for 1 of the cage that U PICK from the pull down menu. We tend to use a lot of sea glass beads as we prefer the soft matte colors & texture though you can never go wrong with the luxury of pearls. So make one up, put on a chain & place in a gift box for an instant gift for that special someone even if that is you.

At the top of this listing we have put the pearl/bead size range, & size of cage, for each item available for sale here. The vendor did state this is silver-plating over copper … lead- & nickel-free ... it is recommended to keep out of water.  Just open the cage & insert pearl/bead, or if design allows, a variety of smaller grouped beads, close the cage & add to your favorite chain. Most of these cage pendants have a hinge at the bottom allowing you to carefully open, insert bead(s), & close up tight to feed chain through bail. A few designs do not open so all you need to do is carefully spread apart, insert the correct size bead & slowly squeeze shut to secure component.

NOTE: We have successfully been able to use a 2mm wide chain end through the bails of our cage pendants ... it is possible on some that a bit over 
2mm wide will work as well. If we do have a chain jump ring end that won't go through the bail, we just remove that jump ring, feed the chain through the cage bail & replace the jump ring. Sometimes we want a bit of dangle from a cage so will actually add a large jump ring at the top of the bail for ease of hanging.  The additional photos are just to show you other cages available in other listings.  These pictures are ENLARGED to show detail.

There are plenty of FREE on-line measurement converters should you require.