Artisan beaded Acrylic Pen, European lampwork glass & acrylic spacer beads (add a bead, beadable) large ~1.7mm> hole beads design #13

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Prod. Code: pen-acrylic-artisan13

This artisan-designed bead pen, as shown in the photo, is the perfect gift for that special someone even if that is you.  This ~6" pen is made using an acrylic & metal add-a-bead beadable pen blank, highlighted with European large hole lampwork floral focal(s) & no core acrylic spacer beads, ink refill & comes with a randomly selected box.  The pen is of great quality & very sturdy.

If you decide later you want to change the look of the beads on the pen - or add some new ones - just twist off the rod with attached cap and let your creative juices go.  The round beading bar is ~60mm (~2.25”) of beading pace & will hold larger hole beads of 1.7mm>. 

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