METAL beadable PEN blank U PICK green blue black grey add a bead removable for larger 1.7mm hole beads set #2 - USA SHIPPED

Price: $3.99

Availability: in stock

Prod. Code: pen-metal-set2

Price is for 1 complete aluminum & stainless steel blank, add-a-bead BEADABLE, pen just waiting for your creative ideas - great quality & sturdiness.  U PICK the pen color from the pull down menu.  These pens are perfect for larger ~1.7mm> hole lampwork beads.  One of our photos shows all the colors we have available in the metal pens - in this listing & another listing - for your reference only.  

Another photo we tried to show how you put the pen together should you need to change the ink refill. These make great instant gifts for that special someone even if that is you.  Great theme party for an older child’s party - allows the kids to get creative while keeping them busy.  We often finish these off & put in a rectangle bracelet box for our customers giving a very professional look.

METAL PEN INK REFILL(s):  we also have an option for you to purchase additional ink refills(s) for OUR METAL PENs ONLY that come in a random selection of black/blue ink based on what's in-stock.  These will not work in our acrylic beadable pens.

PEN BOX(s):  An option is available for you to purchase a black PEN box to hold the pen, as well as, we will throw in an elastic thin rope ribbon in case you don't have ribbon to wrap the box as a gift.  

COMPLETE PEN:  The complete pen blank is made up of metal aluminum & stainless steel body, screwable top/cap attached to the beading bar & black ink refill - just add beads.  The empty pen beading bar area allows for ~2.25” beading space of ~1.7mm> large hole beads … for a total length end-to-end of ~6” pen.  

HOW TO USE:  Each pen top/cap is attached to the round metal beading bar (~1.5mm wide) which you would twist the pen top/cap & beading bar (attached together) to screw on/off allowing you to add, &/or remove, your favorite ~1.7mm> large hole beads.  Once you unscrew this, you have the lower portion of the pen - the casing (where you unscrewed the bar) SLIDEs off allowing for easy access to change or add your ink refill (again, one ink refill is included with your complete pen).  

WANT TO USE EUROPEAN-STYLE LARGE HOLE BEADS?  we use European beads all the time but, in order to keep these large hole ~4.0mm> centered on the beading bar, we had to find spacer beads that had a “lip” area on both ends that would easily fit into the large hole bead center.

CARE:  each complete pen blank has been checked out before sending to you & all is secure & ready for your beads.  They are guaranteed in perfect working order when we send them to you.  Make sure to only unscrew the top/cab attached to the beading bar (it is one section of the beading pen), add your beads & screw back on firm but not aggressively firm.  When screwing everything back together DO NOT TIGHTEN too much as it may cause a retracting problem.  Any pen returned not working because of retracting problems would be because too much tightening was done &, therefore, our guarantee would be invalid.

There are plenty of free online measurement converters should you need help.