Acrylic add a bead European Charm spacer beads 3mm storage beading bar

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Prod. Code: acrylic-beading bar

Acrylic bead storage bars are back in-stock with a slightly different look.  I prefer these bars for customers as it really keeps the shipping cost down especially on international orders.  Because of this I can offer these at a slightly less cost than the metal bars. 

This is one extremely cool European charm spacer beads storage finding - I use these all the time for putting together my designs. Both ends of this beading bar are open but each bar comes with a handcut stopper (not always cut perfectly even because they are handcut) pushes on at the end of each bar holding large hole beads in place.  Take off one end and slide your beads on or off for storage or for creating bead sets ... then just put the acrylic stopper back on that end.  This photo is enlarged to show detail. 

I store a lot of my bead sets on these type of storage bars so I know when I'm out of a particular design. Keeps me really organized. Makes it really easy when photographing sets as well. I actually purchased some cheap flat jewelry trays that are just a bit smaller than the length of these bars where I lay rows of these bars/beads down so I can visually set all my sets.  Beads are not included.

Price is for 1 of these really cool findings for that busy European charm bead designer or person that has a lot of European beads that need to be stored - beads are NOT included.  This additional picture just shows how I use the different bead bars and other similar beading bar styles as well.