Silver 10 feet BRACELET BLANKs 9mm round flat disk loop glue on typewriter keys cabs buttons continuous loose chain

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Prod. Code: silver-blank-10feet

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Price is for continuous loose silver metal bracelet blank (flat disk & loop) chain - 10-feet (~120 inches)! When I make up my base bracelets - around 6" - I add whatever clasp I plan on using making up an ~7-inch bracelet. You can add more jump rings on the end to give you a bit more length or start with a larger base bracelet. This comes as one continuous strand and is not on a spool as I have to cut the length you purchase.

Bracelet blanks are just waiting for your creative ideas. Use dichroic cabs, typewriter keys from old manual typewriters, flat back buttons, domed cabs, etc. on these - just use a bit of glue (metal to your component type of glue). I do not know what the base metal is here as I've used these for years and never bothered to ask.

If you need a larger bracelet length, some buyers just buy an extra bracelet and take it apart freeing up the large jump rings. I also sell the jump rings for those that do want to add a few extra rings on each end of the base bracelet before adding the clasp. These jump rings are available in another listing. This picture is enlarged to show detail.