Gold-plated 20cm lobster clasp 11-pads BRACELET BLANK for gluing manual typewriter keys, flat buttons or cabs to round 9mm flat pads - 7.2"

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Prod. Code: 11b-gold-blanks

Gold-plated measurement for flat round 9mm gluable bracelet blanks pads with clasp open end-to-end are just waiting for your creative ideas. The bracelet blanks that start with 11-9mm pads are my base size bracelet. If you need a bracelet smaller than the 11-pad then just remove some links - it's that easy.

I often take off the lobster clasp and add a gold plated box clasp or toggle clasp of choice. These blanks are made of gold plating over brass. These bracelets are great for using dichoric cabs, glass domes, typewriter keys from old manual typewriters, flat back buttons, etc. on these - just use a bit of glue (I use E6000* all the time - I buy at Wal-Mart but you can buy elsewhere as well). Don't go glue crazy when using glue as, having to remove excessive glue from components to clean up, could force you to pour a glass of wine!

Price is for 1 of these gold plated bracelet blanks in your choice of size starting with 11 pads up to 14 pads. The photo below just shows the base 11 pads size and a small photo of glue type that works well (not included).

*This is my suggestion for type of glue to use: E6000 Multi Purpose Adhesive: permanently bonds wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, leather, rubber, vinyl and most plastics - Waterproof, flexible, non-flammable, photo safe and paintable - Clear formula. This product is made in the USA!