Silver plated & lampwork glass European Charm 3m Chain Beads Bracelet - Pink & Purple Delight

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Prod. Code: b-european-charm-finished-pink-purple

This handmade silver plated metal European charm chain beads bracelet, faceted crystal beads, silver plated safety chain, floral and plain purple spacer beads, silver metal spacer beads, silver plated inlaid crystal beads make up this fab bracelet.  A great gift for that special someone even if that special someone is you - looks like the real thing too boot!  You get the bracelet in the photo - price is for 1 bracelet randomly selected.  This picture is enlarged to show detail.

CONVERSION cm to inches: divide cm by 2.54 to convert to inches ... this would be for the base bracelet with NO beads yet and is measured end-to-end (which includes the clasp). Depending on how full your bracelet will be, and the height of some of your beads, this will all determine the length you want to buy.

My personal two cents is add 1 to 2cm's to your original wrist size meaning add 1 cm for a bracelet with a few beads to 2 cm's for a full bracelet. So for example using a 21cm base bracelet with a handful of beads order the 22cm BUT for a base bracelet with all beads order the 23cm (unless you also like your bracelet to hang a bit you may even want to add another cm). Once you personally do one bracelet up you will actually get a very good idea of how to work with the sizing!

15cm / 2.54 = ~5.91"
16cm / 2.54 = ~6.30"
17cm / 2.54 = ~6.69"
18cm / 2.54 = ~7.09"
19cm / 2.54 = ~7.48"
20cm / 2.54 = ~7.87"
21cm / 2.54 = ~8.27"
22cm / 2.54 = ~8.66"
23cm / 2.54 = ~9.01"
 24cm / 2.54 = ~9.45"