Sterling silver plated 15x17x6mm Peach Blow Solar Quartz 22x25x7mm bracelet

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Prod. Code: b-ssp-25x22x7m_17x15x6m_peachblowGrnSolarQtz-7_1-4

[7-1/4 inches; 25mm wide]

Ths listing is for the exact item in the photo that is also described in the title.  If there is more than one photo of the same item it is to show you this piece at different angles and is for your reference only.

Our jewelry is made up of sterling silver ear wires, clasps, chains & bails with all settings being comprised of sterling silver plated over copper - no nickel or leads.  This allows for beautiful pieces of jewelry, at an incredible price, for the wonderful look you get in each piece of our very sturdy fashion jewelry.  Most of the bracelets have a few extra large open jump rings allowing for a variety of wrist size options within each bracelet.  All are handmade from overseas and you can actually see a lot of the hand hammered places (not always totally flat in places) on some of the jewelry.  Necklace chains are all finished off with an “S-clasp”.

Semi-precious gemstones are genuine and will be stated on each listing to include any stones that are simulated (like opals).  All Solar Quartz cabs are dyed in the color you see in that listing.  Botswana & Dragon Veins Agates come in so many beautiful colors and patterns. Faceted oval cabs are listed by stone colors (like blue topaz, citrine, garnet, amethyst, etc.) and are made of faceted glass, again, keeping the cost down on these beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry.