SPINY OYSTER, RED  ~7" genuine, natural, rare & expensive ~3.5-6.5mm graduated rondelle spiney shell beads

Price: $44.99

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Great colors in these RARE RED Spiny Oyster rondelle beads (this lot has nice white on the bottom side as well) - all handcut.  Price is for a ~7" strand randomly selected from these RARE color of 3.5-6.8mm oyster beads in the photo.  Some love all the natural pits that are natural inclusions in these beads while others prefer much less of the natural pits - these beads are fairly pit-free though there will still be some of the natural pitting which is common in oyster beads.  This picture is enlarged to show detail.

Spiny Oyster, Spondylus Princeps Broderip, is found in the Sea of Cortez Baja California Mexico. It appears in the lower Baja California Sur Mexico. It was discovered in 1976 and began to be exported for jewelry making use in the Southwest by Indian Crafts people. The shell comes in a variety of colors but mainly in red, orange, and purple; sometimes yellow and white. Spondylus Calcifer commonly called Giant Pacific Rock Oyster is a purple that is found in water from 0-60 ft. After 60ft of water the white Spondylus appears and goes down to 90ft of water. After 90ft of water the reds and the oranges appear.

The name Spondylus is a Latin word that means spines on it's back. Broderip was the name of the Scientist who traveled with Cortez when Baja California was discovered and explored. The name Princep was given to this shell because when Cortez presented his marine discovers to the king of Spain, who financed his expedition, the kings daughter fell in love with the shell. Therefore, the shell was named the after the Princess.