GASPEITE Australian 10 rare ~3.8-5mm hand-cut rondelle genuine natural apple green beige brown stone beads set

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Prod. Code: 10gasp-rond3.8-5mm

Please pay attention to the size of beads in all my listings as photos show beads in a larger view to show the beads better even though the expectation of bead sizes are also listed in the title for your reference. If you are unsure of measurements, there are plenty of free online measurement converters. Picture is ENLARGED to show detail.

These genuine, natural - very expensive - RARE Australian Gaspeite beads from Mother Earth have normal brown/beige inclusions and is just a unique shade of apple green & browns.- great quality (not dyed). Now you can buy just a few of these very expensive beads - randomly selected from the photo showing more than one set of these size/number of beads as stated in the title - with ~0.50-0.65mm hole size. These are all hand cut with varying widths & pretty smooth as well. I do have other rondelle listings with different size/quantities available as well of these unique very rare beads.

Gaspeite is extremely popular in a lot of Southwest designs & I often mix this stone with other expensive beads like Turquoise, pink Rhodonite, Arizona Wild Horse Magnesite, Spiny Oyster, Lavenderite, Lapis to name a few. These are all hand-cut & pretty smooth as well.