SUGILITE 12 rare genuine natural South Africa ~4.3-4.8mm hand cut faceted rondelle stone beads set #5

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Bead set #5: 12 beads; ~4.3-4.8mm x 2-2.5mm; 1.3 grams
Please pay attention to the size of these beads as the photos are enlarged to show you detail. The color I see on my monitors is accurate to what these beads look like to us. If the color of Sugilite is extremely important to you, please contact us with the color you think you see and we’ll do our best to confirm that. There are plenty of free online measurement converters should you need help with sizing as well.  Price is for a set of faceted rare beads, as stated in the title randomly selected from the strand shown in the photo. The hole sizes range from 0.40-0.50mm. Photos are ENLARGED to show detail.

Rare, genuine & natural deposits were found at the Wessels Mine in South Africa - Sugilite gemstone beads come in a wide range of colors ranging from extremely light pink (almost white) to very dark purple (almost black) with possible colors in between consisting of lilac, shades of purple, eggplant, magenta-red & bluish-purple. The coloring in the beads may all be very similar in color or have a kind of mottled, or even veined/spotted, look to them showing up their colors well especially if beads are gemmy in quality. Some of the beads may also have a bit of yellow or red areas, as well as, red-light purple-white.