GASPEITE rare expensive Australian U PICK 8mm rondelle stone rare Australian GASPEITE green beads U PICK ~8mm handcut rondelle roundel rondel gem stone beads

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These genuine, natural, very expensive RARE Australian Gaspeite beads have a lot of the normal brown/beige inclusions and is just a unique shade of green & browns - great quality. U PICK from the pull down menu if you want beads in sets of 4, 5, 6 or 7 which allows you to buy just a few of these very expensive beads - for your jewelry designs - which run ~8mm +/- maybe.

I shot many of these beads in full sun which apparently washed out the green hues a bit but the main photo shows that color very well. Gaspeite is extremely popular in a lot of Southwest designs & I often mix this stone with other expensive beads like Turquoise, pink Rhodonite, Arizona Wild Horse Magnesite, Spiny Oyster, Lavenderite, Lapis to name a few. These are all handcut & pretty smooth as well. Picture is ENLARGED to show detail.