PHOSPHOSIDERITE 13 handcut lilac orchid lavendar 6mm rondelles beads

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Prod. Code: rare-phosphos-13-6mm_rondelles

These hand cut smooth beads are rare, genuine, natural & not dyed - nice color.  Because these are handcut that will vary in shape somewhat (some thicker than others).  They are composed of phosphorus and iron which will show up as tan to white spots on the surface and are a very natural matrix/inclusion.  Now is your chance to buy a few of these expensive beads for an affordable price rather than having to buy a half or whole strand! 

Price is for a total of 13 of these fab hand cut 8mm beads set andomly selected.  If there is more than one photo of these beads it is only to show you different angles of the same beads, as well as, additional sets that your random selection will come from.  Picture is enlarged to show detail.