Silver european charm add a bead 3mm cuff threaded removable ball end bracelet

Price: $2.99

Availability: restock due in next month

Prod. Code: cuff-european-add_a_bead

Price is for 1 silver-plated 3mm thick copper bangle cuff, with threaded screw removable ends, fits most European charms with hole sizes ranging from 3.1-6mm. Internal diameter of this bangle cuff measures ~2.5 inches with the gap between the removal 8mm ball ends of 25-35mm as this cuff, though very sturdy, is a bit flexible for widening. This bangle cuff, without any beads is ~20cm (~7.9 inches) so be aware wrist space will be lost as soon as you start adding beads or just wear this just as it is - naked! Beads are not included. This photo is enlarged to show detail.