Artisan-Made *BLACK LAMB* lampwork beads Glass SRA 66

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Prod. Code: pan-PS-lamb

This bead is handmade by an extremely talented German artist with a flair for the very whimsical! After the beads are burned they have to be tempered in a special kiln for hours to relieve any glass stress which will ensure long life for each bead. The final process is to clean each bead before it gets shipped off. Some designs will look very similar to another bead but - because they are truly, and individually, handmade they are different.

I put these beads on my bracelet as is but, if you want a more finished look, can either have your jeweler (or yourself) put in a sterling silver or gold core.  She uses quality glass from suppliers of Moretti (Effetre), Reichenbach, Cim, Lauscha, Ornela, Double Helix and Vetrofond.

Hole is ~5mm; more than one photo just to show off different angles of this bead - a piece of art!