Silver plated European Charm Oval 21cm Add-a-Bead clasp Bangle Bracelet

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Prod. Code: b-pandora-bangle-20cm

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I was so excited coming across this silver-plated add-a-bead, European Charm Beads bangle bracelet.  You can wear this just as is or unscrew one end, add your beads & then just screw that end back on!  This is the only size I currently have so please pay attention to the measurements. 

If you have a problem with metric measurements there are plenty of free on-line measurement converters to help you out.  The inside measurement of this bangle is ~63mm (~2.48") which will help you when you measure the width of your wrist.  The one thing nice about this bangle is that it has nice room vertically so just get the horizontal measurement correct.

REMEMBER, once you start adding beads the actual WRIST size this bangle will have a smaller fit ... and will vary depending on how many beads you use and how large/small those beads are.  This picture is enlarged to show detail.